Cultivate your own unique style of leadership — one based on inner clarity and alignment with your values and purpose. This book is the blueprint for leaders who want to develop:

  • More meaning and fulfillment — both professionally and personally
  • Emotional and social intelligence, the real differentiator in today’s business world
  • Exceptional relationship skills combined with your strong technical and/or professional foundation
  • Your ability to manage emotions, whether you perceived as too assertive, or not assertive enough
  • Essential skills for managing others, even if this is new for you
  • Better criteria for decision making
  • Clarity about the next chapter of your life, career or business, even your retirement

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Tana shares her courageous journey to find real meaning beyond a successful career. She offers a book that is well researched with compelling insights and an opportunity to think deeply and take steps towards intentional change. The powerful questions and exercises contained within are a great resource for anyone either starting the inward journey or for those wanting to take new territory towards living authentically. As a practising coach keenly interested in human development and leadership potential this is a great resource.
— Michael Newland

Book Excellence Award Finalist

The Authenticity Journal is the companion workbook, for Tana’s first book on Authentic Leadership, that organizational leaders have been asking for. In it, Tana provides a number of different elements including:

  • 10 important learnings since the first book was published in 2013
  • 5 years of blank forms so it can be used to recalibrate the Inner Guidance System annually or whenever a major event creates the need for course corrections for the next chapter
  • Suggestions for reflection and celebration of the transformations that have occurred over time
  • Detailed stories from her clients as to the kinds of personal and leadership changes that have occurred as a result of “doing” the steps that are outlined within
  • More space in the action worksheets for articulating what is being learned as leaders complete the steps of the Authentic You™ Personal Planning System
  • Authentic Leadership poetry
  • Thoughts for how to use both books together with Authentic Leadership Conversations™ to strengthen organizational culture by cultivating psychological safety and unleashing the potential of every employee

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Tana’s long-awaited Authenticity Journal pulls together all the elements of the Authentic Leader’s journey into one place, and is a true gift! One I can’t wait to share with my clients and to use myself!
— Carrie Gallant, JD Leadership and C-IQ(R) Coach, Mediator and Negotiation Strategist


In this Workbook, Awaken Your Authentic Leadership – Authentic Leadership Conversations™ for Meaningful Connections", Tana explains in detail how to cultivate an authentic way of being in order to create safe spaces for others to feel comfortable to be their best selves. In addition, in this workbook she provides:

  • Authentic Leadership Conversation™ topics including “How to Have Authentic Conversations”, “How to Navigate Transitions”, “How to Manage Conflict”, “How to Say No and Set Boundaries”, “How to Live Congruent with the Three Centres of Intelligence”, and “How to Manage the Inner Critic”
  • 16 action worksheets where readers work through leadership topics either on their own or as part of their team
  • Useful practices and insights about how to have authentic conversations to create meaningful connection with your self and others
  • Suggestions for how to use the Authentic Leadership Conversations™ to evolve and grow as a team
  • Thoughts for how to use all three books together to strengthen organizational culture by cultivating psychological safety and unleashing the potential of every employee
I have been using the Authentic Leadership Conversation™ topics for close to a decade now, both for my own development and with clients, in many sectors. What I know is that without a doubt, these materials inspire a deeper connection to self leading to increased empathy and understanding of others. Overall, connection to self, connection to others.
— Laura Mack, Facilitator Trainer, Authentic Leadership Global, EMBA