Organizational Leaders and HR Professionals

“One of the biggest opportunities facing organizations today is that of improving business results by supporting all employees to live their full potential. Technical and professional excellence, a drive for results, and a team of high-achievers will take a company so far. A huge leverage point is to develop authenticity in every person across a company.”Tana Heminsley

Authentic Leadership Global™, Inc. offers customized programs  to develop an organization of authentic and emotionally and socially intelligent leaders. Our intention is to support you to unleash the potential in every one of your employees. The  programs are also aimed at HR professionals who would like to bring them into their organizations and have a peer community of support.

Two of the key areas of focus in our work with large companies include:

Individual Effectiveness

Authentic individuals are clear about what the right thing to do is, and they lead self and others with clear intentions. The following programs are available to develop Authentic Leaders:

  • 1:1 Coaching / Business Mentoring
  • Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series
  • Authentic You™ Personal Planning System
Team Performance

Teams of Authentic Leaders are high functioning and able to deliver on collective results. The following programs are available to develop Authentic Teams:

  • 1:1 Coaching / Business Mentoring
  • Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series
  • Authentic You™ Personal Planning System
  • Authentic Leadership for Teams™ – Healthy Debate and Difficult Conversations
  • Train the Trainer Programs

Learn more about our Certification Program or contact Tana directly for additional information.

Train the Trainer Programs

A membership to our Business Building with Authenticity is required for our training programs.

How to Train Leader Facilitators to deliver an Authentic Leadership Conversations™ Series
Required for ALL Trainers – this course is a pre-requisite for all other Train the Trainer courses
Format: Web Based (online video discussions, web documents, etc.) or face-to-face (does not include travel expenses for Authentic Leadership Global™ Trainers)

Description: As a corporate leader or HR Professional, supporting your team to have authentic conversations is essential to creating great organizational environments where people feel engaged and safe to be who they are and to do their best work.

One way to support your team is to become a Trainer for Leader Facilitators to facilitate engaging, interactive group conversations – either face to face or virtually. In addition to being a program you can deliver in small groups, the Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series is a value-added way for you to build relationships with others across your organization and beyond.

In this program you will receive training, handouts and business coaching – everything you need to learn how to Train Leader Facilitators to deliver an Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series for small groups of up to 10 people. You will receive 15 facilitator material kits (for Authentic Leadership Conversation™ topics) including facilitator guide, action worksheet and evaluation form. To support your personal authenticity, you will complete the Authentic You™ Personal Planning System in order to begin your personal journey to authenticity and gain clarity for your life and your business.

And finally, you will receive all of the Trainer Materials – detailed Facilitator Guide, Powerpoint slides, plus a Trainer Checklist, that will support you to Train Leader Facilitators within your organization.

In addition to learning all materials taught in the Part 1 Training – How to deliver an Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series, you will also learn:

  • How to use the Trainer Facilitator Guide to train Leader Facilitators
  • What emails and certificates to provide to Leader Facilitators you train
  • How to deliver the Trainer PowerPoint slides on the foundational Authentic Leadership philosophy

What others have to say

“Canadian Tire stores are independently owned and operated. The Cambie & 7th store is one of the company’s busiest stores in the country. Our store is also recognized as a flagship store. Just like any leading organization or company we have to continually innovate and evolve in this ever changing environment.

Having Tana work with my General Manager was one of the best investments I have made. I saw a complete transformation in my General Manager’s attitude, work ethic, professionalism and even approach to the business. My manager was great before but now he is untouchable. What I have today is a General Manager that has a better perspective and appreciation of his work environment, has a better balance between his personal and professional life, is far more results oriented, is more focussed and is stronger both tactically and strategically.

The true testament to Tana’s success with my General Manager does not come from me rather it comes from the many employees within the organization. Many employees have expressed their appreciation to the changes and improvements to the leadership. Additionally, all key retail and business metrics such as Sales, Profits, Store Standards, Customer Service are at an all time high.”

— Ross Saito, Proprietor, Canadian Tire Stores Vancouver

“Tana and her organization has been able to provide our team with the tools and the skill for working on building a team that has a high degree of trust and is able to move more decisively to making decisions and is now on its way to being a sustaining and high performing team.

Tana has been both thoughtful and thought provoking in her work with our team and has changed fundamentally the view of team members about why the team’s success is essential to being successful as an individual in the workplace.

I would highly recommend Tana and Authentic Leadership Global team if you are considering how to build and sustain a high performing team.”

— Lyle Viereck, Director, Aboriginal Relations and Negotiations

“I have known Tana for six years now, and have watched as she has passionately created a business and philosophy to support authenticity in others. Her ability to bring spiritual concepts and consciousness into a business setting, in a way that is accessible and practical, is one of the gifts of her work that I believe the world would benefit from hearing about. In 2006, Tana worked with my team and myself at a critical time in my personal and professional life. With her skilled guidance we were able to work together in a collective process to move forward as an organization with focus and intention.”

— Anita Roberts, Founder, SafeTeen International

“So it’s no surprise she has conceived and created the framework, methods and models to help others to lead their business and personal lives authentically. I’ve had the privilege of being coached by her as I made personal and business transitions. Six months later, my life has changed in a truly profound way and I owe so much to this wonderful, insightful woman and the marvelous program she has created.”

— Del Langdon, Partner, Emperia