Program Overview

Authentic Leadership Global™ – Program Overview

Authentic Leadership Global™ provides a program to co-create workplaces where employees and leaders can thrive. The program supports authenticity at a tactical level so application is immediate and over time, behavioural changes are long-lasting.

The program provides practical and interactive training on how to be authentic and effective, particularly in moments when intense stress makes it difficult to remain open and thoughtful about the most effective response.

Authentic Leadership Global™ helps evolve organizational cultures by partnering with:

  • Organizational leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Coaches (internal or external)

Those who complete our program and apply the learning become either Trainers (of Facilitators) or Facilitators only, in addition to being role models for authenticity.

There are 3 Modules on how to deliver:

  • Module 1 – Authentic Leadership Conversations™
  • Module 2 – The Authentic You™ Personal Planning System
  • Module 3 – Authentic Leadership for Teams™ – Difficult Conversations

These can be seen as stand-alone modules or completed sequentially in a multi-year program.

Participants develop a foundation of authenticity that supports trust and connection. Further benefits include:

  • higher levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • moral elevation – awareness of the importance of an ethical and life-affirming intention
  • increased psychological safety
  • resilience
  • increased capacity to stay on track and meet organizational objectives while juggling the speed and volume of day-to-day requests

The material provided by the program is considered “open source”. This means that clients are encouraged to adapt and change materials, as well apply their organizational branding. If they wish to translate, they may do so with permission.

In lieu of licencing fees, ongoing coaching/ mentoring support is required from Authentic Leadership Global™, to maintain quality of delivery, client relationships, and to renew permission to deliver the program across the client organization.

The details of how the programs work are included below.

Training Program

Base Training

Module 1 – Authentic Leadership Conversations™

Note: Successful completion of Module 1 Training is a pre-requisite for all other courses.
A foundational offering, this program teaches you to facilitate engaging, interactive group conversations – either face to face or virtually. In addition to being a program you can offer to your clients in small groups, the Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series is a value-added way for you to build relationships with potential clients. Learn more

Ancillary Training

Module 2 – Authentic You™ Personal Planning System

Often, your clients may be at a crossroads in their lives where it is helpful for them to step back and regain personal clarity about who they are at their best, what is important to them, in order to make choices guided by a strong inner GPS. One of our most popular offerings for your clients, that can be life-changing for them is the Authentic You™ Personal Planning System. Learn more

Module 3 – Authentic Leadership for Teams – How to Have Difficult Conversations

One topic that is essential for every team is to learn how to effectively have difficult conversations and healthy debate. In this program you will receive everything you need to deliver a 6-month program for a departmental team of up to 50 people, and to do it in a way that differentiates you as it aligns with your values and authentic approach. Learn more

Authentic Leadership Global™ also offers a Certification Program. Download details here.