Programs for Coaches and Facilitators

Authentic Leadership Global™ – Program Overview

Designed by Tana Heminsley, International Coach Federation 2016 Coach Impact Award recipient, Authentic Leadership Global™ programs dedicated to supporting authentic leadership and emotional and social intelligence for organizationally-based clients.

In addition, we are dedicated to supporting coaches to build sustainable businesses by:

  1. diversifying their business by adding Authentic Leadership programs and tools to their offerings
  2. providing business building support where coaches and leadership practitioners[1] will experience continuous learning
  3. providing options to co-create products for passive income revenue streams

[1] “Coaches” will be used to describe both coaches and other leadership practitioners to simplify the wording

Authentic Leadership Global™ provides the following services for coaches and leadership practitioners:

  • Comprehensive training program including all materials to facilitate a variety of Authentic Leadership Programs
  • Business building support
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) CCEUs (continuing coach education units)
  • A certification program
  • Permission to deliver the programs to multiple clients
  • Options to co-create products for ongoing revenue streams

Training Programs

A membership to our Business Building with Authenticity is required for our training programs.

Core Programs

Our core programs provide the foundation for coaches to support their clients in authentic leadership and emotional and social intelligence. Coaches can expect to deliver what they learn immediately to their own clients with the flexibility to adapt to their particular niche.

Part 1 – Authentic Leadership Conversations

cce-20ICF CEUs – 2 hrs Core Competencies; 10 hrs Resource Development; Total 12 hrs
Note: Successful completion of Part 1 Training is a pre-requisite for all other courses.
A foundational offering, this program teaches you to facilitate engaging, interactive group conversations – either face to face or virtually. In addition to being a program you can offer to your clients in small groups, the Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Series is a value-added way for you to build relationships with potential clients. Learn more

Part 2 – Authentic You™ Personal Planning System

cce-20ICF CEUs – 2 hrs Core Competencies; 9.25 hrs Resource Development; Total 11.25 hrs
Often, your clients may be at a crossroads in their lives where it is helpful for them to step back and regain personal clarity about who they are at their best, what is important to them, in order to make choices guided by a strong inner GPS. One of our most popular offerings for your clients, that can be life-changing for them is the Authentic You™ Personal Planning System. Learn more

Additional Programs

Upon completion of Part 1 and Part 2 training, the following programs are available for continued development and to further build up their offerings.

Authentic Leadership for Teams – How to Have Difficult Conversations

cce-20ICF CEUs – 4.25 hrs Core Competencies; 6.25 hrs Resource Development; Total 10.5 hrs
One topic that is essential for every team is to learn how to effectively have difficult conversations and healthy debate. In this program you will receive everything you need to deliver a 6-month program for a departmental team of up to 50 people, and to do it in a way that differentiates you as it aligns with your values and authentic approach. Learn more

How to deliver Authentic Leadership Webinars – The Inner Journey of an Authentic Leader

This training will prepare you to deliver a workshop called, “The Inner Journey of an Authentic Leader”. You will receive everything you need to learn how to deliver an engaging 2-hour experiential workshop as a webinar for 2 – 100 people. Learn more

Authentic Leadership Global™ also offers a Certification Program. Download details here.