International Coach Federation, Vancouver Chapter
This award is the highest award category in British Columbia for coaching excellence individual partnership (Coach Impact) level.
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Authentic Leadership Global

Strengthen and diversify your business with Authentic Leadership program offerings plus 1:1 mentoring.

“My vision is for coaches, organizational leaders and HR professionals around the world to join me in fostering emotional intelligence and authenticity and to build their businesses with ease.”

— Tana Heminsley, Founder


  • If you are a Coach or Facilitator anywhere in the world, supporting your clients to transform their leadership and lives,
  • If you have a successful 1:1 coaching business and you would like to add authentic leadership programs to your offerings to increase your revenue, and you want to start right away with materials that are already developed, or
  • If you have worked in the corporate world, and then transformed your life, and now are ready to work in organizations as a coach, we are here to serve you.


Yay! You’re here! We’re so glad you’ve found us!

  • If you want kits of content – all the materials and tools to quickly customize and offer Authentic Leadership Programs to your clients, or
  • If you want to continue your own journey to authenticity – to practice overriding your ego to do the right and ethical thing – and to have this guide your business building, then choose us.

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Simply get in touch with Tana Heminsley to have virtual tea.
If you are out to co-create solutions to change the world, we are for you.

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“Tana Heminsley is a visionary, an excellent business mentor, a big hearted supporter and authentic leader. I have had the pleasure of working with her for 7 years in various capacities. Through Tana’s practical support and guidance I have personally grown into an expert in my industry. She also provided me wiht the tools and systems I needed to move my business to the next level.”Bettina Rothe


There are a number of ways we serve you. First we ask you what you need, when you need it, and the best way for us to deliver it to you. Then we do that.

Business Development SkillsBusiness Development Skills
You said you want help with building your business – practical tools and conversations that you can use as soon as you leave the conversation. We have that. We offer 1:1 support in the form of business coaching where we have LIVE conversations on a regular basis that directly focus in on your particular needs. Learn more

Authentic Leadership Global TrainingTraining
You said you also want programs for your clients that are built and ready for you to easily and quickly customize – and that’s what we’ve created. As well, you can deliver them in different ways: 1:1, in groups, face to face and virtually. We continue to create new programs for your clients and package them with training so your offerings stay fresh. Learn more

“A leader is anyone who steps up and influences others. An authentic leader does so with awareness, inner clarity and a life-affirming and ethical intent. Each of you has the potential to be an authentic leader.”Tana Heminsley


We want to support as many people, as quickly as possible, to be their best or authentic self and experience more meaning and inner peace in their lives. We also want to help them connect with their purpose and find their way to help change the world. Together, we can reach many more people as we co-create a community of heart-centred coaches and facilitators – each of whom has a sustainable business. Because if your business isn’t successful, you’ll end up going back to that thing, that career you left behind. And the world needs your important gifts too much for that to happen. Will you join us? Let’s connect.

“Tana, is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Her ability to recognize what I need and walk me through my own self discovery process supports changes in my personal life and my business.”